Aham Brahmasmi

in Spirituality

As Brahman now I do not try to prove anything; i am satisfied with what I have determined to be the truth on the Ultimate Reality. If you live biologically to the body-brain-mind directives God exists within that psyche. He does not exist when one transcends to Self; both comprising Brahman Reality. This means that vyvaharika and paramarthika represent the material and spiritual dimensions described as the Brahman Reality. Optimal dharma in vyvaharika is 'karma in sanatan dharma'; in paramarthika it is natural dharma. Together these comprise Vishista-advaita Vedanta. Once a person has realised ones true nature as Self the natural spiritual paramarthika dharma takes over: there is no turning back to material vyvaharika sanatan dharma.

The English word for Brahman is Everything: the universe, the gods, the living creatures, rivers, trees, rocks , the cosmos, etc. So, I as Brahman am everything, universal and eternal: I do not distinguish between life or matter, gods and different humans.

In vyvaharika I had a two-faced god, Sri Krishna and Devi Durga but I abandoned it in paramarthika dimension when I realised my Self to become fully liberated. I found my true nature in spirituality gave me full awareness to chart my path forwards in Brahman towards a certain and comfortable future, so satya-advaita yoga had paid dividends in that I was free to conduct myself naturally without restrictions of any kind.

By the fact that I am Self my true nature in parsmarthika dimension of ABsolute Realiy and that Self,equates to Brahman  that is Everything the actions in dhstma that I prsctice is not to unnessarily disturb any part of Brahms-Nature thereby preserving the status quo. So I do not kill, weed, dig soil, and do not use harsh words to any one to be non dual. That is advaita. By the same token I have no aims, objectives, missions, hopes, wishes  desires,expectations for such directions if followed through alter the state of the enviroment.

There is no such thing as Vishists-advaitist  only Vishista-advaita Philosophy for there is no concrete proof of the scientific bssis for it.

When you find by losing your bondages of suffering your true and unchangeable nature (Self) you realise Brahman (everything) and become liberated.

With the works left for us by Vivekananda, Nisargadutta, Rammana, Krishnamurti and Ramakrishna to be condensed there is no need for a modern day guru.

Ramanna first seems tot have said that in the waking state too thoughts are dreams same as one dreams at night. So to truly wake up find your Self.

One can become Self-aware but that is a higher state than acquiring awareness which still resides in thoughts so potentially delusional dreams.

One can only have a religion if it is based on facts: The Self and Everything (Brahman) are facts. Hence their union (advaita) is the only real scientific religion.

Vishista-advaita is a philosophy not a religion because there is no factually concrete proof of the existence of a Creator or Personal God.

Vishista-advaita Vedanta is a faith-based conception of Reality that God created Brahman and hid Himself perfectly within it that requires bhakti to access.

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