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The finality of revisions and determinations has revealed that Brahma-Nature is the Truth created by God SriKrishna/Devi Durga who have hidden itself within it and are dormant for all intents and purposes.


Brahma-Nature is the Truth | Shantanu Panigrahi (



The various realisations of advaita and dwaita

in Spirituality

The question arises in my mind when considering theism and atheism is the various strands of Realisation of the truth: Consciousness-advaita, Brahmo-advaita, Vishista-advaita, Shudha-advaita and now Satya-advaita: take your pick, or is yours Dwaita?

I have used the term Brahmo-advaita for classical Advaita Vedanta according to the scriptures enunciated by Sankaracharya in 'Brahma-satya jagat mithya' so that Brahman is the only Reality and the phenomenal world is Maya that is apparent and hence illusory. This makes the philosophy God-less so atheistic.

Buddhism is a distinct variant of Brahmo-advaita focussing on alleviation of the human suffering condition through Dhamma in the vow taken by adherents to observe the 4 Noble truths and the Eight Fold path to attain nirvana or liberation from the phenomenal world that it considers real The reason that I have placed it here is that it discusses the impermanence of Reality but is widely accepted as being atheistic (could a benevolent God have created such a terrible samsara that people would wish to escape from it) even though some would argue that this was God's purpose . So it is contentious that the Buddha was personally non committal on this specific point.

Shudha-advaita is union with God as a Personal Higher Entity such that everything is this God and living beings are living Gods. It is purely theistic.

Consciousness-advaita isays that Consciousness e source of everything and is everything as a single Entity that an advatist is in union with no Creator or Personal gods. It is atheistic The philosophy is encapsulated in the term Satchitananda, that is translated as truth-consciousness-bliss.

VIshista-advaita is theistic based on achintya bhed abheds tatwa of oneness and separateness with Supreme God Sri Krishna/Devi Durga existing in the Reallty of Brahma-Nature with millions of guna consciousness gods and goddesses representing different blends of sattvic, rajasic and tamasic attributes. It is qualified monism because it has a material dimension of reality (vyvaharika) in which a personal God is experienced and a spiritual dimension of reality in which through loss of attachments and bondages the Self is realised for total liberation of operation. There is no scientific proof for any of it so it counts as a philosophy. There are different dharmas for vyvaharika (dharmayudha) and paramarthika (conservation, preservation and harmony in Brahma-Nature). There is continual bhakti for God with surrender only in vyavaharika dimension. The conceptualisation always remains a faith that accepts the preordination and preorchestration of the universe in s Grand Design such that living beings have fates/destinies/kismat and yet have their own freewill to change their circumstances.

Satya-advaita is agnostic atheotheism in keeping an open mind that both Creator God and Personal God may exist but the practitioner has not had concrete proof of these as highr entity or power. The advaitist is at oneness with truth at all tiimes so without scientifically justified proof that he/she continually searches for a conception of Reality is not yet formed incorporating invisible and undetectable elements in the environment. Pending such a formulation words like Brahman and Brahma-Nature are not in the vocabulary. Only Nature is known as Reality for certain based on energy-mass equivalence of E=mc2. There are no specific duties and duties other than living in truth and in the reality of the moment. The satya-advaitist therefore has no aims, objectives, wishes, plans, aspirations, hopes, anticipations, expectations  desires or ego as he/she awaits the truth to get revealed into his/her thoughts every moment in patient mental exploration mode of operation. There is acceptance of a higher Self as a state of one’s true nature free of attachments and bondages of the mind so that the practitioner is totally free to live as living in truth comes forth. He has faith in truth alone (satyamev jayate, that is to say  truth is sacrosanct and must be allowed to prevail).

Dwaita is theistic in which God is the controller of the universe in having created it and also preserving it. People pray to God as their Saviour in life. God is known to different established religions by names such as Allah, Jagannath, Krishna, Yahweh, Jehovah, and Ram. Holy Books have been written since the year 3000 for people to follow the commandments of their particular God such as Bhagavad Gita for Hindus, Torah for Jews, Koran for Muslims and Bible for Christians. People follow these and either love God, or fear God.


Do not assume that there is a higher power or entity as God or Brahman to be in union with. Find your Self and become the best person you can be. To do this express the truth and accommodate the truth. Nothing else is needed

It takes you towards the experience of your true nature free of all attachments and bondages of the body-brain-mind complex to the state of being that we can call as one's Self. This state is faultless for living in truth. Nothing else matters. Union with truth is freedom/liberation for truth prevails.

Truth-accommodation is a term that I have coined. In Hinduism the word equivalent is Satya-advaita. It means oneness with truth to distinguish it from other forms of Advaita.

The Reality changes every moment so be aware to truth-accommodate continually. To be at one with the impermanence of Nature be your true nature (Self) fully flexible for perfect adaptation to the environmental Reality. This will make you the best person you can be by taking the minimum from Nature or maximal as times allow and thereby living in harmony; all due to satya-advaita that is the truth accommodation.

So after all is said and done truth-accommodation is a biological necessity for survival purposes only. Being liberated assists survival. All that I have been engaged in throughout my adult life was being truth-accommodational just to survive to live to .my maximal potential genetically. When I needed to fight the humanimals persecuting me I fought with what I called 'dharmayudha' to preserve what little we had as a family and keeping them reasonably happy for good symbiosis. I used God to that end but I knew that excessive surrender to God would be counterproductive in achieving material objectives. I needed liberty from man and God in a balanced way to find my way to physical and financial security.

I have been risk-averse to the nth degree. So after a very long time of association, I did away with God entirely once I found that my true nature as Self attained everything that I needed. I took out an injunction and money claim litigation against the State Police here in the United Kingdom to prevent further harassment on me on which judgment is pending. Since the Courts are also part of the State apparatus, I have the legal proceedings under my control.

So it goes on: my life ihas been a battle for survival using my high intelligence and in recent times optimising it with operation as my Self watching anything that moves so that I can duck and dive according to circumstances using the process of truth-accommodation. Who cares for God or Brahman or Brahma-Nature when there first is the battle of survival to be won.

I built my 'house of shelter,' by successfully navigating the State of the United Kingdom with a solid knowledgebase. Now I am lying comfortably in that house minding my own business. In recent times this was done nonchalantly, spontaneously and unpremeditatedly working 16 hours a day to get on top of my involvements, without plans, aims, missions, objectives, hopes, wishes, desires or ego to simply go with the flow of truth.



Aham Brahmasmi

in Spirituality

As Brahman now I do not try to prove anything; i am satisfied with what I have determined to be the truth on the Ultimate Reality. If you live biologically to the body-brain-mind directives God exists within that psyche. He does not exist when one transcends to Self; both comprising Brahman Reality. This means that vyvaharika and paramarthika represent the material and spiritual dimensions described as the Brahman Reality. Optimal dharma in vyvaharika is 'karma in sanatan dharma'; in paramarthika it is natural dharma. Together these comprise Vishista-advaita Vedanta. Once a person has realised ones true nature as Self the natural spiritual paramarthika dharma takes over: there is no turning back to material vyvaharika sanatan dharma.

The English word for Brahman is Everything: the universe, the gods, the living creatures, rivers, trees, rocks , the cosmos, etc. So, I as Brahman am everything, universal and eternal: I do not distinguish between life or matter, gods and different humans.

In vyvaharika I had a two-faced god, Sri Krishna and Devi Durga but I abandoned it in paramarthika dimension when I realised my Self to become fully liberated. I found my true nature in spirituality gave me full awareness to chart my path forwards in Brahman towards a certain and comfortable future, so satya-advaita yoga had paid dividends in that I was free to conduct myself naturally without restrictions of any kind.

By the fact that I am Self my true nature in parsmarthika dimension of ABsolute Realiy and that Self,equates to Brahman  that is Everything the actions in dhstma that I prsctice is not to unnessarily disturb any part of Brahms-Nature thereby preserving the status quo. So I do not kill, weed, dig soil, and do not use harsh words to any one to be non dual. That is advaita. By the same token I have no aims, objectives, missions, hopes, wishes  desires,expectations for such directions if followed through alter the state of the enviroment.

There is no such thing as Vishists-advaitist  only Vishista-advaita Philosophy for there is no concrete proof of the scientific bssis for it.

When you find by losing your bondages of suffering your true and unchangeable nature (Self) you realise Brahman (everything) and become liberated.

With the works left for us by Vivekananda, Nisargadutta, Rammana, Krishnamurti and Ramakrishna to be condensed there is no need for a modern day guru.

Ramanna first seems tot have said that in the waking state too thoughts are dreams same as one dreams at night. So to truly wake up find your Self.

One can become Self-aware but that is a higher state than acquiring awareness which still resides in thoughts so potentially delusional dreams.

One can only have a religion if it is based on facts: The Self and Everything (Brahman) are facts. Hence their union (advaita) is the only real scientific religion.

Vishista-advaita is a philosophy not a religion because there is no factually concrete proof of the existence of a Creator or Personal God.

Vishista-advaita Vedanta is a faith-based conception of Reality that God created Brahman and hid Himself perfectly within it that requires bhakti to access.


Allured by awakening during 1997-1998 of events to unfold in my life, I had an encounter with a Higher Power and soon afterwards started communicating with it assuming that it was a God residing in my mind. I used a digital clock times to have questions snd answer sessions on a whole host of issues which included the actions that I needed to take on a moment by moment basis against the University of Greenwich and other institutions nationally and internationally. The details were all jotted down in my handwritten diaries.

One of my first questions to the perceived higher power was who was I dealing with. The answer seemed to be that it was Brahman, and i was on a mission of dharmayudha which I clarified to Psychiatrists in the mental hospital of where I had been detained in 2004 by the State of the United Kingdom as me practicing Brahmanism.

Brahman is the Ultimate Reality, whereas Brahmanism is the practice of dharmayudha that conserves Brahman as enabled through satya-advaita yoga, the yoga of truth-accommodation (seek the truth, expose the truth, do not let truth get covered up, and accommodate the truth).

As a Vedanta, Brahmanism is Vishista-advaita Vedanta in its belief that God lies within Brahman such that ones actions are karma in sanatan dharma.



Brahmanism dharma has no purpose, aims, missions, hopes, wishes, expectations or desires: it is just nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated chaos.

One gets to know Brahmanism dharma when one loses all ones attachments to become one's true nature as the Self.

Brahmavid Brahmaiva bhavati (Upanishad): he who knows Brahman verily becomes Brahman; thereafter performing Brahmanism dharma.

God as Sri Krishna, Allah, Jesus Christ, Shiva, Vishnu, etc are names invented by human minds in their purely materialistic surrender to a non-existent higher Being.

Brahman consists of the physical energy of atoms and other subatomic particles rolling on in time in unpredictable and impermanent ways: I am that.


Satya-advaita: seek the truth, expose the truth, do not let truth get covered up and accommodate the truth for that is Reality.

To seek the truth is yoga, to act to expose the truth is dharma, to protect truth is also dharma, and to accommodate the truth is the acceptance of the Reality. Together these are the elements of Satya-advaita Vedanta. Truth is Reality.

Upon reflection on the evening of Friday 10 June 2022, I changed the title of this website to Satya-advaita Vedanta from Vishista-advaita Vedanta as being a superior way of enunciating advaita.

When you want to achieve your ambition take steps to identify the greatest threat to you and litigate before they can scupper your plan thereby stay one step ahead.

Why does this approach to living work? It works for a satya-advaitist for he finds through the pursuit of truth that truth is the eternal law.

It goes without saying that it will not work for a liar, dishonest and corrupt person for the law in independent judiciary catches up with them: truth does prevail.

The moral is honesty frees the mind unto truth which finds the career path towards an idealistic goal that cannot be criticised by the judiciary of a civilised State.

Self-enquiry (swadhyaya) is the culmination of all studies and so the most rewarding.

When you get to be nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in all your actions you are expressing your true nature: that is the Self (Brahman).

So the answer to the ages-old question of "who am I' is I am Brahman, my Self: follow me so far?

Given that I am Brahman, everyone and everything is also Brahman because potentially all can express their true nature having minds of their own.

So does a Personal God exist? is there a Creator God in the first place. There has to be a cause for Brahman.These are the ultimate questions.

If one accepts that everybody and everything is Brahman, God, if It exists at all must be within Brahman.So Brahman is God manifest from unmanifest Maya.

Accordingly both Creator God and Personal God exist in Reality, not illusion.

It is from my 24 years of explorative search for the truth that I base my conclusion that a Personal God exists dormant in the psyche who can awaken one to high ideals of living.

So what is next? Will God awaken any one else as It awakened me in 1998 with visions, utterences and sparks of prophecies. No. Not necessary if you study my life



The road-map to maturity of the mind is ascertained through satya-advaita that brings one to ones true nature of Self when atman= Brahman.

Atman is simply the term for the mind baing purified off its ego which heightens awareness as it approaches the Self state.

Satya-advaita is truth-accommodation, that is to say the whole-hearted acceptance of Reality every moment; the status quo.





.This is another level of attainment of mental faculties experienced by the author and it is appropriate to write it within the context of Vihista-advaita Vedanta. Beyond Consciousness lies the Self which is God with a small g, or bhagwan.


Having experienced the Self it does not solve ones day to day problems in coping with the nuances of Brahma-Nature interactions, when mind wants to achieve.

Between truth and dharma the latter is unavoidable or one will be crushed by the tamasic forces of Brahma-Nature when seeking liberation.

This means that truth takes one to knowledge at the ulimate level of the Self and God thereby bringing an end to gyan yoga, but not wisdom.

Wisdom requires calculated steps and tactics of dharmayudhic warfare against tamasic oppressors to survive in material and spiritual liberty.

Vishista-advaita Vedànta is that wisdom, that is to say, it is dharma blessed by God to survive in Brahma-Nature; hence sanatan dharma.

Vishista advaita is for those who wish a purely spiritual life within a family structure and not is an ashram so have to achieve goals to earn money and run a household.

So my experience is there is an end to Self-realisation and God-search. Once satiated there is nothing to gain from the association; one moves on.

Achieve what else but the Self? SELF IS ULTIMATE TRUTH, after that there is nothing to achieve. SELF IS EVERYTHING. There is no mind left.

The brain generates the mind as a biological phenomenon. When one loses ones attachments to the point of losing ones mind one is ones true Self which is God (bhagwan).

So what is God? God is everything: the Truth. The Self state is faultless. One has attained perfection of actions hence.

So in the final analysis truth comes before specìfied dharma, even sanatan dharma, for the Self takes the faultless actions for truth-preservation (dharma)

Self, being Truth, is unpolluted by the mind and presrves itself by its faultless actions which is called dharma: thus dharma rakshati rakshita)

God being everything created Itself as Creation and Minds it through the ages influencing changes to preserve It as appropriate.

Living beings are therefore just pawns in God's hands for Its amusement purposes, so one must never worship God or surrender to It.

This means one should stay within the limits of ones mental capacity for which the most heightened awareness is attained in the state of Self.




Attachment to anything derives from a delusional understanding of Reality.

When one describes himself as in Samadhi, he has lost all attachments to components and concepts in vyvaharika and exists in paramarthika the absolute reality.

There is no such thing as time, time is a man-imagined creation to put to words the ageing process in the perceived reality which is an illusion.

Everything is nothing; God is everything, So God is nothing.

In Samadhi there is no Sanatan dharma, nor is there any other kind of dharma for there is nothing in paramarthika, the absolute Reality.

In Vishista-advaita Sampradaya one is ready for Samadhi when all the truths of vyavaharika have been exposed through dharmayudha.


In this post, I am discussing the particular position that a Personal God has in the conception of Vishista-advaita Vedanta

Explore Reality till you get calm, staying true through the course of the journey of life: it is a free film show. Keep an open mind and see where that leads to; do not fall into the trap of discounting the existence of a Personal God residing in your psyche as an extra element of your mental faculties. Do this until there is nowhere else to go and no truths to be searched and explored. It is an interesting way of living one’s life. Be intelligent through your exploration of Reality to find out what whether there is a Personal God or not. What do you expect from a Personal God should be part of the enquiry. What is Diviinty? Is divinity a personal characteristic or something that relates to another Entity that you might have access to, hence Divinity with a capital D. Try everything to get to the answers: all things that you can do practically to search out the meaning of your existence. Find proof of the existence of God before giving up. What kind of proof is proof? Do you know what you are looking for, in other words?

My personal experience is after chasing visions, dreams and utterances that I attributed 24 years ago to a God in my psyche is that when the truth-search is over, when you get there, your destination that is, you know because you become disinterested in life, so it was wrong to accommodate a so-called Divine. Or is that the meaning of life, to be disinterested in what is going on.

Consider that man invented God and in so doing led himself astray destroying lives in the process through conflicts to generate disharmony instead of common-sense solutions. Should a God have any responsibilities for what happens to humanity and the planet Earth, if He is truly the Creator. Or does He stay out of it and does not respond to bhakti and devotion to Him.

There has to be some benefit to oneself from a belief in God, a Personal God, only then can one formulate a religion to live to. Have you had any benefits from an external invisible source of Power and guidance?

I was a mental patient for seeking God as the truth, going through intense phases of paranoid schizophrenia and persistent delusions for nothing material or spiritual so it is jettisoned now. For actions as dharmayudha that is part of the subservience to a Personal God, no matter how truthful one is, got me nowhere materially and there was no refuge for me in spirituality. I am ignored by the world at the age of 65 and 4 months for what I have done and written.

So I am done with being a secluded sanyasi dwelling in a Personal God and have become once again after a period of a decade to an advaitist now from first-hand experience of life not from following scriptures: there are no gods for me.




Seek truth and God within by knowing all. Then determine your best religion to uphold, That is how I conceptualised Vishista-advaita Sampradaya. Remember that without a religion one is lost in the wilderness of Nature, faltering in delusions. Steadfastly hold on to your religion if it works for you. You reap as you sow. If you sowed and nurtured your mind you will find the ultimate religion that is optimal to the quest for survival in the dignity of liberty, beyond criticism from anyone. You cannot be defamed if your religion works for you and you are alone in determining that. No guru can teach you nor any Holy books guide you to what you would be satisfied with.

Vishista-advaita Sampradaya of which I am the Founder has truth as its guide, self-determined truth. Oneness with the universe of which God is an intrinsic part who one can approach in bhakti which is reverential and loving in acknowledging that His/She is the Supreme Being and has the essentials of Karma in Sanatan Dharma that works to attain blessings from God.

Do not get diverted into Communal worship for God resides in the psyche of the individual who may guide you even without you knowing that He is doing so. Have faith that this is the case and following the path of Vishista-advaita Vedanta.

So convinced I am that it works that I have for long been nonchalant, spontaneous and unpremeditated in my thoughts and actions. My thoughts are detached from my conscious thinking and acquires the truth that determines what I do in my life without conscious plans, aims, objectives, missions, anticipations, expectations, desires, hopes, wishes and no ego either. I just live on until I die. The Vedanta adopts the position that everything in the universe is pre-ordained and pre-orchestrated and if one wishes to serve God one has to accept one's fate and not try to change it consciously. Then the destination becomes clear. There is no ultimate goal for goals are not set in the Vedanta. The outcome comes about naturally as the result of one's actions based on nonchalance, spontaneity and unpremeditatedness of a free and liberated mind. That liberation of the mid is the ultimate state that one can get to and if one is lucky one gets to that within one's lifetime. One realises that one is liberated (moksha) when nothing is of interest enough to prod and provoke one to respond and react with an action to influence things. One has become totally detached from life, not judging the carrying on's of other members of humanity or of climate changes's adverse effects, the coronavirus pandemic or family holidays that might be disrupted from wars and the like.

One is not in God's hands. one has perfected the Vedanta to be free of God, not serviing Him any more for one is liberated even from God. He cannot and will not interfere in the lives of any human  beings or animals and plants. He is the Creator of all so is non-judgmental and witnessing the universe and its developments. For it is all preordained and pre=orchestrated so beyond His ability to Consciously change what He has already set in motion for billions of years.

That is the Reality, better understand this before wasting time on irrelevant material things, and seeking fame, fortune, power and legacy as a great human being.

Today is the 17 April 2022 and I am done.

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